Legal Online Poker For Missouri Residents

While Missouri does provide for some harsh penalties for illegal gambling, the situation with legal online poker in Missouri is a bit more wide open than other states. Yes, there is a potential felony penalty for gamblers, but that penalty only applies to what the state of Missouri defines as a "professional gambler." This provision makes it nearly impossible that anyone in modern-day Missouri could be handed a felony sentence for any gambling offense, online or otherwise.

Is Online Poker Legal In Missouri?


Some of Missouri's gambling law is downright progressive, including a provision that allows for the display and even the play of antique slot machines, as defined by the state law. There is no law specifically targeting online poker in any of Missouri's statutes.

As for the federal government, a recent change in the focus of the 1961 Wire Act (focusing that act on wagers made on sporting events) has set the stage for state governments and other entities to regulate and license their own online casino gambling sites, including poker rooms. Since Missouri doesn't have a state law regulating online gambling, it's easy to imagine Missouri (which is gambling-friendly under the right conditions) joining a multi-state online poker network or even starting their own.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Missouri Residen

We recommend three online poker rooms for Missouri citizens: Intertops Poker, Bovada Poker, and BetOnline. All three of these sites are legal options for online poker play for Missourians, and offer payment transfer options that satisfy the requirements of the UIGEA.

Bovada Poker - All Missouri Residents Accepted

This online poker room is perhaps the most popular among all Missouri residents as well others all across the United States. Players have been coming here to sharpen their skills and bring home huge winnings since 1996 when the internet was still in its infancy. Located in Canada, Bovada is the most trusted when it comes to security, safety and reliability- they are the experts and authority on all things online poker related. Once members are settled in, playing hands of their favorite variations of cards and winning piles of chips, this online poker site like to toss a few chips to their loyal users. The refer-a-friend program is one of the best around and rewards anyone who brings in their poker buddies to join them at the table with 200% increase off of a friend’s first deposit upon joining the site. To top it off, this promotion is ongoing and infinite with the opportunity to play with free money forever.

SportsBetting Poker - Big Bonuses Up To $900 For Missouri Residents

There are a number of reasons that residents of Missouri prefer SportsBetting for their online poker playing experience, whether it be attractive free rolls, friendly rebates, or incentives to reward loyal members. But for most, SportsBetting stands out above the best because of the caliber of players which frequent the high buy-in ring games and huge guaranteed Texas Hold'em tournaments. Hosting the world’s elite poker players, most hailing from the United States, this online poker room provides an environment which hones a player’s skills over high stakes games which keeps the heart pounding and the senses sharp. A place for predators, members swim with danger each and every day for the opportunity of the highest winning opportunities on the internet in the whole of the online poker playing community. One may find themselves up again the ropes challenging poker celebrities from all across the globe and a chance for international recognition in the game. Missouri residents are in on the frenzy when it comes to playing online poker at SportsBetting.

BetOnline Poker - Easy Deposit Methods For Players Living In Missouri

BetOnline offers a promotion program that rewards you for every deposit, not just your initial one. You can earn up to 25% back (topping out at $900) for every deposit of $50 or more that you make for the lifetime of your membership. BetOnline has been taking wagers online since 1998, making them one of the first online gaming sites to take cash wagers. BetOnline has been operating fourteen years online, building a good reputation among poker players. It doesn't hurt that BetOnline is better known as a sportsbook and casino gaming site, meaning the poker competition you'll find there is known for being soft and easy to beat, especially at lower levels.

Missouri Online Poker Laws

The only federal law that applies to online poker play in Missouri is the UIGEA, an act tacked onto an anti-terrorism bill at the last minute of the 2006 legislative session. That act was a lame attempt to shut down online gambling in America by limiting the access of online gamblers to funding methods for their online gaming accounts, and third party payment processors are a legal way for Missourians to comply with the UIGEA and continue playing online poker.


Is it Legal to Play Land Based Poker in Missouri?

Most of the US is caught up in a frenzy over poker as the popularity of the game has grown exponentially following the telecasts of the “World Series of Poker” that have been scattered across basic cable and left many residents of Missouri wondering what the laws in their home state have to say about participation in poker.

From the legal standpoint, there is both good and bad news handed down from the capital Jefferson City.  Although Missouri technically outlaws gambling, which they define as risking or wagering anything of value on anything related to chance (which leaves little to no wiggle room) gambling in certain state-sanctioned facilities is exempt.

Given that, it is easy to make the assumption that there are in fact facilities that have the state’s express permission to allow wagering on hands of poker, and this just so happens to be one case where assuming will not make an ass of u or me.  In addition to several poker rooms in big cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, many riverboats are commissioned where it is legal to host several casino tables.

When it comes to private home games amongst friends, while it is technically a misdemeanor to participate in gambling at all outside the sanctioned facilities, no home poker game has ever been broken up by the law so long as one important rule is followed:  the hose of a poker game may not, under any circumstance collect a profit or “rake” from the game merely for hosting it.  This elevates the game from a private game to an illegal poker room and the host collecting profits shall be guilty of a felony.

Still, as long as a prospective gambler plays their cards right (legally speaking) they should encounter little trouble playing poker to their heart’s content.

Where to Play Live Dealer Poker in Missouri

There are several operational and legal poker rooms open to Missouri residents within their home state’s borders, mostly centered near the urban hubs of Kansas City and St. Louis.  These poker rooms are open daily and host tournaments for prize money with low buy-ins for recreational players in the $50 range up to as high as $150 for more serious players.

When purchasing a seat at these tournaments, players are generally restricted to no limit hold ‘em as the game of choice.  This works fine for most, but those wishing for some variety in their ever important poker diets will have to find other means.

Missouri’s lively riverboat gambling culture is not to be forgotten, as gambling cruise lines are an ever popular way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon not only enjoying a boat ride on the water, but enjoying the opportunity to play poker among the waves.

For the avid poker player, there are worse states to call home then Missouri as far as the legal culture surrounding their hobby goes.  Still, with the restrictive style of play and the distance one would need to drive of they don’t live near St. Louis or Kansas City could leave the average Missouri resident seeking alternatives to legal, land based poker rooms found in their home state.

Note: The above was not written by a lawyer, just a poker player familiar with state laws and online poker. Check here you have more detailed questions or want advice where to play legal online poker in the United States, or contact a lawyer.

When it comes to online poker in Missouri, there is only one place to go for serious players, Bovada. They have tons of tables at all kinds of different stakes so it is possible to find a table fit for any bankroll.